Blue Ridge Parkway 20-Mile Section Closes for Repairs

Blue Ridge Parkway Detour Map

All the recent rainy weather has cause many landslides in the North Carolina mountains. The fear of a landslide closed a 20-mile section of the Blue Ridge Parkway north of Asheville after huge crack in the road appeared (8 inches wide, 5 feet deep and 200 feet long) – a sign of a eroding slope underneath. The section closed is Milepost 355-374 which includes the popular Craggy Gardens area. All other sites along the Parkway are open, including the Folk Art Center south of the closure and Mt. Mitchell to the north. From Asheville, you can drive up to Ox Creek Road and take that back to Asheville through Weaverville. And the entire Parkway south of Asheville is open as usual.

To travel north on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Mt Mitchell, Linville Falls, etc, take I-40 East to Exit 72 (US 70 in Old Fort) and head east toward Marion. Before you reach Marion, turn left onto NC Highway 80 North to the Parkway. NC 80 is a beautiful, curvy mountain road through Pisgah National Forest. When you reach the Parkway, drive south to Mount Mitchell State Park or north to the many other stops. See our comprehensive Blue Ridge Parkway Guide.

For the latest closings and road news, call the park information line at (828) 298 0398. For emergencies on the Blue Ridge Parkway, call 1-800-PARKWATCH. And go to Travel Guide for more things to do in the mountains.


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