New Chocolate Factory Opens in Asheville

See the bean-to-bar process at the new French Broad Chocolates Factory that just opened in Asheville, North Carolina. Take a free guided tours on Thursday at 6 PM or Saturday at 2 PM. The Tasting Room is open Tuesday-Saturday 12 Noon until 5 PM.

Creators Dan and Jael Rattagan (also owners of the very popular French Broad Chocolate Lounge downtown) use fair trade cacao (cocoa) from Peru to create chocolate for their new line of chocolate bars as well as creations at the Lounge.

Of special note is their rooftop solar production deck. Dan has built a prototype solar cocoa bean roaster. In a cocoa shell: it’s off-grid with a solar-charged battery operated cooling fan and tumbling motor and human-operated solar alignment. The parabolic trough concentrator uses mirrors to reflect solar radiation onto the roasting drum.

See photos and a take video tour with our new guide to this delicious addition to Asheville.


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