April Asheville Art Show

Mira Gerard Singh: Conversion

A major show of paintings by artist Mira Gerard Singh will be on display at Jonas Gerard Fine Art gallery in the River Arts District of Asheville from April 6-29, with an opening reception on April 6th from 6 to 9pm.

River of Forgetting is about the search for self-understanding, which is always caught between remembering and forgetting, holding on and letting go, moving forwards and backwards.  Mira Gerard Singh paints figures as if they exist in a dream-state, entering the landscape and experiencing moments of presence that seem to erase everything from the past and future.  In painting these subjects, that acknowledge a desire to forget, remember, and transcend, she seeks to do the same.

In Greek Mythology, the river Lethe, one of five rivers of the underworld, was known as the river of forgetfulness. It flowed through the cave of Hypnos, god of sleep, where its murmuring would induce drowsiness, and the shades of the dead were required to drink its waters in order to forget their earthly life.  Interestingly, the ancient Greek term for truth, Aletheia, (a- “not” + lethe “oblivion, forgetfulness”), literally means “not forgetting” or “un-forgetting.”  Truth, then, can also be understood as “remembering.”

“My paintings of figures in cinematic landscapes are a way of attempting to address the tangled process of coming into being” said Ms. Singh.   “The images I work with signify memories and fantasies and are rooted in an idea of being on display, skin exposed, which in turn relates to the skin of the painting.  Alongside these impulses exists a wish to disappear, or at least to be defined by the dangerousness of an imagined apocalyptic sublime.”

Mira Gerard Singh grew up in a secluded Ashram in New Hampshire.  Her father, painter Jonas Gerard, encouraged her work from an early age, and as a child she spent a lot of time in his studio painting and drawing.   River of Forgetting features new work from her Ireland residency along with other recent paintings.

Jonas Gerard Fine Art is located at 240 Clingman Avenue, Asheville – in the heart of the River Arts District. Studio and gallery are open every day from 10-6 pm.

For more art events, festivals, studio tour and more, go to the RomanticAsheville.com Art Events Guide.


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