Get Fresh Mountain Apples at Orchards

Apple Orchard near Asheville

It’s apple time! Visit some of the many orchards near Asheville and take home plenty of delicious mountain apples and so much more. Just 25 miles south of downtown Asheville is one of the country’s top apple growing areas. Many of these are open so you can visit for free! There are several along US Highway 64, just a few miles east of I-26 (between Hendersonville and Bat Cave). Several of the orchards offer tours and allow you to pick your own apples.

Locally grown fruits and vegetables are fresher and cost less than you find in a traditional grocery store. Fresh NC Apples are the freshest and tastiest apples you can buy. Buy locally-made treats and gifts, like fried apple pies, canned goods, apple butter, apple cider, jellies, jams, sauces, chow chow, homemade baked goods, and ice cream. See more about NC Apple Orchards near Hendersonville and Asheville.


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