Week of Culinary Classes in Asheville

In this richest of culinary climes, the Seasonal School of Culinary Arts is poised to guide you through a week of intensive hands-on instruction, complete with wine tastings, artisanal beer tastings, sessions of food songs and stories, morning walks to whet your appetite, forays into the garden to identify and gather ingredients, a cookbook to take home with you for reference all year, and many other wondrous surprises.

Asheville sessions this year (July 10-16) will be centered around the theme of Cooking a Rainbow, experimenting with the palette of nature’s colors as they relate to the culinary palate. The Seasonal School of Culinary Arts leads students of all ages and backgrounds in hands-on immersion in a variety of experiences designed to awaken and broaden the palate, lead you closer to the source of the food you prepare, and provide a panoply of skills that will help celebrate the ordinary in extraordinary fashion.

Culinary aficionados may sign up for the week-long culinary immersion course in the Asheville location, or, if you have time or budget restraints, you may sign up simply for the day (or half day) whose theme interests you the most. Each day centers around a 3-hour class with master chefs, a gourmet lunch, and a recreational afternoon/evening session.

This year’s Asheville line-up includes Knife & Fork’s executive chef/owner and WNC Chefs Challenge finalist Nate Allen, Cucina 24’s executive chef/owner Brian Canipelli, Fiores’ executive chef/owner Anthony Ceratto, The Red Stag’s executive chef Adam Hayes, Fig’s Bistro’s executive chef Bill Klein, Chef Mo’s Restaurant & Bar’s own Chef Mo, Everyone Cooks’ Michael Gentry, Picasso’s Plate’s Chris Aquilino, Discover Italian’s Wally Maria Mazzucco, Log Cabin Cooking’s Barbara Swell, Montford Walk-In Bakery’s Jennifer Thomas, private chef Dee Dee Arthur, author and food blogger Debby Maugans, Williams-Sonoma instructor Mary Collins-Shepard, Mushroom Wizard and naturalist Alan Muskat, environmental specialist Mark Brenner, wine expert Eberhard Heide, master brewer Brian Cole, Warren Wilson Dean of Work and master gardener Ian Robertson, and gastronomist director Susi Gott Séguret.

Enrollment in the Asheville sessions is $1400 for the full week. Registration by the day is $250, the morning alone is $200, and the evening alone is $50. Opening night, which includes a lecture and reception with Chef Mark Rosenstein on July 10 is open to the general public. For more: www.schoolofculinaryarts.org.


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